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TESTIMONIALS (we would love to hear what you think!)


  • "I swore I'd leave it in my studio. It was so beautiful and I was so afraid something would happen to it on tour ... but the guitar's irresistible tone and feel made it sneak it's way on to nearly every stage I've ever played. These guitars are meant to be played".   —  Connor Vogt, Never I

  • "I was so happy when I stumbled across their website to not only see this body shape in a kit with solid woods but they did it left handed too! The construction is insanely strong and is just so comfortable to play"                                                                                 — Frazer Smith, When Weapons Don't Work"


  • "The combo platter of the wood, guitar build design and the bridge I got makes the notes sustain like crazy. I'm getting really nice ring out on my clean notes and when I engage the overdrive pedal, I can hold a note for a year."                                                 — James Lake, Four Chickens and a Coke

  • "It is gorgeous and has all of the tone and versatility I will ever need. From 80's pop ballads to blazing rock solos, it is all right here in my PVX"

       —  Dan Fournier, Blue Monday

​TESTIMONIALS from Facebook!

Fred Enos: Very Nice!

Ari Bose:  That's got some gorgeous grain on it .. WOW!

Joseph Young: This is still the most brilliant thing I've seen, Paul. And I absolutely love the one I got from you. They are perfect.

plus more to come!

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