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Steve Peralta

Steve Peralta is a professionally acclaimed American guitarist & singer born in Ecuador, South America.  Playing since the age of 14, Steve became well known in the Charlotte NC music scene and quickly rose to great success in the early 1980’s to mid- 1990’s when along with his brothers, formed the band Peralta.  The Band received immense success in the rock and glam metal scene both nationally and internationally, boasting radio airplay along the East coast and features in several hard rock magazines.

Acknowledged widely as a true pillar in the music society for his passion and dedication, Steve has contributed his musical talents in several successful bands ranging in musical genre from Latin, rock, and even a little bit of country.  Steve is honored to have been selected as the first PVX endorsed artist and you can catch him playing his signature plum PVX model when he is rocking out on stage with his current band House of Hair, a hair metal tribute band covering all the hits from rock’s most decadent era.    

You can also witness Steve’s incredible guitar mastery as he rips the PVX in the featured video “House of the Rising Sun Solo” on PVX’s Youtube channel at: 


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