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It's All About the Wood

When you receive your PVX Single Cutaway Kit, the first thing you'll notice is the wood.  Not a veneer in sight.  We select the solid mahogany and maple woods we use for the body and neck individually.  Our headstock uses advanced construction techniques to ensure that the grain direction matches across the entire headstock.


We hand select our Mahogany to be sure that it is very dense, has a very straight grain, and is free of voids and pockets. We pair this with Flame (Curly) Maple for the top of the body. The combination of the tight grain of the Flame Maple and the dark tonal qualities of the Mahogany produce a warm, rounded tone with a huge sustain.


Glue-Up is a Snap

As you begin to assemble the kit, you'll quickly appreciate the the proprietary "easy-mount" 10" taper-lock tenon on the neck joint.  This PVX-only feature gives you the correct neck angle without any complex or fussy gluing jigs.  In addition to easy assembly, the long 10" tenon lets this guitar achieve the awesome sustain of a neck-through-body design.


For first-time kit builders, the PVX Single Cutaway provides an extraordinary base to create an heirloom quality instrument with minimal drilling and straightforward finishing techniques.  Additional options like Fret Wire and inlay installation can put you even further ahead at the start.


Focus on Results

For advanced builders, the PVX kit allows you to focus on the details like tremolo installation and advanced finishes instead of struggling with countless jigs and setups.  Take the fretboard for instance.  We use a custom jig and compressed air to create a perfect bond every time. The result is clean, straight, and has no clamp marks. Incidentally, we bond our body components the same way. Compressed air for even distribution of force, repeatable, controlled pressure, and no clamp marks.



Single Cutaway

  • Construction: Solid Wood Construction - No Veeners
    Top Wood: Carved Yes ($60) Arch - Top
    Back Wood: 'Belly Carved' Mahogany
    Grain Matching: Top Wood Slip - Matched
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