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Connor Vogt

In January, 2015, a project two years in the making came to light with the release of their first single, “The Gentle Wind That Tears Down The House.” In the months that followed, the band began performing all over the surrounding states, and on April 14th they released the debut ep entitled “Speak” (prod. Jeff Long, 2014). The EP was performed alongside former members Kyle Nesslinger and Richard Smith with drums performed by Arun Bose (Ghosts Again). By the end of the year, the line-up had greatly adjusted and currently consists of Ian Powell, Hayden Myers, Dakota Boelte, Connor Vogt, and Clint Hughes.

On May 30th, 2016, SPEAK was re-released with Powell taking the reigns on vocals. The re-release was recorded by Connor Vogt and mixed/mastered by Wes Lauterbach (2016).

Connor Vogt is an American guitarist and musician who is based in Charlotte North Carolina. Best known for his work in the metal scene, he is currently the metal band Never I's lead guitarist. While he started out writing for Never I while he was still playing with pop punk band, Messenger Down, but soon realized that his calling was with a heavier style of music. 

Never I


Hopelessness in Hoping for the Best

-Never I

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