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Sand, finish and assemble your next guitar,
without compromising Sound, Design, Materials, or Craftsmanship

Paul Vogt says ...

"I wanted to make it possible for an the average "do-it-yourselfer" to create a truly striking, heirloom quality electric guitar. Unfortunately, without many thousands of dollars in tooling, it’s beyond the reach of all but the most skilled and experienced Luthiers. By carving the intricate arched top, neck and neck joinery, I’ve done the really hard part for you. The rest is sanding, finishing and assembly. By taking the time to create a really top-notch finish, you will have an instrument that will have your friends in awe."

No-Compromise Design

At PVX our goal is to help you realize your vision.  Our innovative design features, hand selected materials, and passion for craftsmanship will give you a "no compromises" start to your project.  We pour our passion into the design, and construction, up to the point of carving the body, and crafting the all-important neck and neck joint.  The rest is up to you.

6mm pearl fret inlays

What it's all About...

The first time you string it up and play, you'll feel the Mahogany body resonate against your chest, and hear that incredible sustain, coming from the hand-picked wood and the radical 9-1/2 inch neck tenon.  You'll know then what the PVX passion for design is all about.  

No Compromises!

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